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to the facts. but in order to do that, you got to attack him from the left. mitt romney savvy enough to do that? luckily, probably not. now, let me bring in michael shure, our epic political correspondent, michael. i see first of all let me get your thoughts on my line of attack. >> i don't agree. i don't agree for a variety of reasons. mitt romney, no matter what he does, if you were mitt romney, it would never work for you either. i'll never the war on upper class warfare. co-say the average middle class family got $36 million in tax breaks since i've been president. >> cenk: mr. president, their income went down 5%. it went down. >> the income, mr. romney, and don't talk to me like i'm your gardner. it went because down we were in a recovery and because we were in a recovery. >> cenk: is this the kind of recovery that americans have in store. >> as i said as president all the time, consistently, and i say it as candidate this is not an overnight fix. >> cenk: that's what you're saying, but the action. >> and the restored economy you know who is going to benefit first. >> cenk: actions speak
as is mitt romney. i thought he dominated every debate this entire primary season and yet it was a very weak field. do you think that considering this is only the second time governor romney's ever debated a democrat, do you think he's been adequately prepared? >> well, those debates during the primary season were, at times, pretty intense and there were certainly enough of those to give governor romney some practice. and it's important that president obama hasn't done a proper debate in four years. so he's coming at this with the less time he's had that he did the debate. he was not even the president yet and now he's got to defend his record and talk about what he's done in a way that he hasn't had to over the course of the last four years. governor romney though is in a position where he is -- he's gotta do something different from what he was doing during the primary debates which is not appealing to the base or sort of getting through them without making a big disaster happen but instead, positively proactively appealing
, careful and not swash buckling types but very carel, and calculating. >> maybe romney is not the great businessman we thought he was. lou: the money says diffently, what -- what do you think is going on here in libya? this artifice you know talk to fbi, and fbi agents investigating it in tripoli. >> this is run out of chicago by david and axelrod, they are trying to get through this economylection -- election. >> i think finally mainstream media which was out to lunch on this sto has begun to engage in the story, you see it now he, there "l.a. times" "new york times." lou: you chose out to lunch, i would go in the tank. >> in the tank. lou: ed klein thank you other of "the amateur." the box office showing some signs of life, animated comedy "hotehotel transylvania at num one. and "looper," and "end of watc watch." up next, no state bailouts. senator jim demint draws a line after the governor of illinois, they say he was floating the idea, he was desperate, and still is and begging for federal help. that means your money and minee to bailout the state o illinois. >> and the united state
. we thought let's come up with our own suggested zingers or mitt romney. >> we're all about helping out romney. >> i came up with one. i'll lead it off. maybe romney can say something like barack obama is almost as unreliable as my backup yacht. zing. >> zing! >> mine is even worse than that. >> impossible. >> barack obama, try baracko'pologizes for america. >> zinger. >> mine is want to hear a joke? the national debt. zing! >> i like the sound effect. >> i imagine romney might actually say to paraphrase "top gun" your ego is writing checks your government can't cash. >> you misunderstood the assignment. >> i got a good one from nick who helps us out. tough on foreign policy. even his hairline is receding. >> that's good. >> that's good. >> yeah, no. it's amazing to me when you look at these and you see this, it can be funnier not in presidential debates, senate races, house races, where they show up and try too hard and often you find that's their undoing. >> i was going to say, i think we have adequately demonstrated that maybe the zinger strategy not going to work. >> not good. >
of people thought mitt romney on 60 minutes when he was asked about whether the response to the video that mother jones found of his 47% in march showed that his campaign was troubled and he said it is me, it is not my campaign. for all that we hear about campaigns and the billions and the analysis, there's still some much to do. and so many ways to catch up and talk to them. i think this is an exciting time and an exciting election cycle to be optimistic for a second. there are some immortals -- sop many more tools. the idea that even as a much money is being spent, there is also a new focus on it. the time has really serious discussions about polling methodology. there are so many different directions things are coming out. there are also of course social media and the way things are -- the way people are following it. there is a lot of information on the table from a lot of different directions that has not been there before. reporters are trying to sort it out and try to figure out what a reporter is. i do not think that it -- that we are doomed in that way i was watching cnn the
on foreign policy is a shock to the romney campaign that thought well, it's enough to dot economy, it's enough to convince everybody that the economy is that bad, but you know, as bill and i have talked about on his show, a lot of people believe the economy is not great, but maybe it's getting a little better. so that narrative hasn't been set. i think most people when they saw that embassy attack, the administration rushing out to say it was spontaneous, not to say it was a terrorist attack, now we find out that a lot of these militants who are released from prison during the so-called arab spring have turned out to be new al-qaeda affiliates. we're seeing real instability in north africa and throughout the middle east and i don't think president obama can blame george bush for this. i think this is a new vulnerability if romney mr. exploit it and that remains to be seen. >> brian: 55 more gitmo detainees will be loose. it will be interesting to see. bill, you don't think it's that big a deal. you say this story has been out there for a week and the polls haven't moved much. >> i thi
for the romney campaign. they thought they would be able to prevail in this election by pointing out the flaws they see in president obama. the problem is as you mentioned a couple minutes ago that indictment hasn't been crystal clear to a lot of voters. and also, at some point, voters want to know what does the future look like? how will it be different under president romney. and i think continuing through the end of the election, he has to be able to make the case, yes, you want change, and i think a lot of people do want change. they clearly want change. but he's not closed the case in saying i'm preferable to president obama. i don't even know he's come close to closing the case. and so somehow he has to breakthrough tomorrow and say this is what the world looks like and how it'll be different under president romney. >> five weeks until election day. jim vandehei, appreciate it, jim. >>> coming up, a tough night for america's team, tony romo and the cowboys embarrassed on monday night football. highlights next in sports. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire even
% lives better as well as the other 53. >> what do you think, e.j.? >> i thought the definitive line on politics, what you need is sincerity, if you can fake that, you can do anything. it's troublesome on this question of authenticate. what is authenticity? romney has taken a number of positions on issues which you will be sure obama will try to sneak in there somehow. he can be ferocious and disciplined. go back to that newt gingrich debate in florida where he dispatched newt gingrich. he can be very good. i think he can have real highs, but also can have lows and say the darnedest things sometimes. >> i want to bring in georgia congressman tom price. good to see you, good morning. >> good to be with you. >> one of the things we are being told from inside the romney camp is he is getting ready for the 47% video. he knows the question is going to come up. this is what his advisor says. "we wouldn't be surprised, obviously, if that came up in the debate, and the governor's prepared, obviously, to respond about it. the fact is as governor romney has said repeatedly, he is running to he
romney than i was john mccain. i thought john mccain was just an extension of george bush. we had had enough of that. >> brown: but polls show enthusiasm remains a question mark here for mitt romney and for the president. he also has to worry about criticism from his left. people like duke economics professor william garretty who cites the almost one in five blacks out of work here and says the president simply hasn't done enough to help. >> that's pretty staggering actually. i mean, we're approaching the kinds of unemployment rates that existed in the united states at the height of the great depression. in the african-american community in north carolina. >> brown: he has decided to sit out the presidential vote >> i'm going to vote for the other offices on the ballot but i'm just not going to cast a vote for the presidency >> brown: you're not? no brown: you feel okay i feel okay about it. my wife tells me i'm crazy. >> ready to go brown: no doubt octave i can't rainy thinks he's crazy too >> you have to vote for people who support our issues. >> brown: a community organizer working
. i have to stress. but there's nothing in the romney strategy so far that indicates they know how to turn it around. >> all right. howard fineman, thanks for your time tonight. good to have you here in denver. remember to answer tonight's question. share jr. thoughts on twitter at @edshow. coming up, chris christie says mitt romney will turn the presidential race upside down with his debate performance? chris california fee nous joins me for the co favorite surrogate >>> and buddy chris christie says that the candidate is going to wipe the floor with president obama. really? the campaign says mitt romney is working on some zingers. this could get ugly. and very entertaining. >>> the second debate between elizabeth warren and scott brown has just ended. >>> and another big debate tonight. and you are going to see the coverage right here before anywhere else. democrat wayne powell just finishes debate with eric cantor. i'll talk to the man trying to unseat one of the biggest obstructionists in congress. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using the hash tag ed sho
change. it could still change. i have to stress. but there's nothing in the romney strategy so far that indicates they know how to turn it around. >> all right. howard fineman, thanks for your time tonight. good to have you here in denver. remember to answer tonight's question. their your thoughts on twitter and on facebook. coming up, chris christie says mitt romney will turn the presidential race upside down with his debate performance? chris kofinis joins me for the conversation. stay with us. we've right back. and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. right back. right righ. tridion safety cell with the blackish-blue frame and the white dots and the splattered paint pattern, your lights are on. what? [ male announcer ] the endlessly customizable 2013 smart. >>> coming up, mitt romney, his favorite surrogate and buddy chris christie says that the candidate is going to wipe the floor with president obama. really? the campaign says mitt romney is working on some zingers. this could get ugly. and very entertaining. >>> the seco
the media have r. speculating already who is going to have the best zingers. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> bill: candidates warming up for the big showdown in denver wednesday night. brit hume and charles krauthammer will have some thoughts. >> our new abc "the washington post" poll shows him with that raiser thin lead among likely voters. >> break wide open when voters ask who do they expect to win. >> are the poll numbers rigged in favor of the president? bernie goldberg is analyzing that wait, you have this relationship, nine months later she has a baby didn't you say oh my god? >> bill: arnold schwarzenegger getting beat up by a small lady. >> i'm not perfect. >> adam carolla will analyze arnold on the grill. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for washing us tonight. it's all about money. the upcoming vote all about cash and how we americans process it bomber wants to redistribute income and regulate from washington and set up a socially just economic system that guarantees outcomes. tho
be enraged. >> you have seen some real money management issues. remember all the stories that mitt romney was going to outspend barack obama by vast sums of money. and then we learned that the campaign didn't have quite as much money as we thought they had. and so maybe it's about competence. >> e. jesj., let me ask you onee question. you saw ed shultz broadcasting from denver tonight. i'm jealous he's having a post-show party in a bar with people. the romney campaign is telegraphing they need to have a clean win, that they need to absolutely turn the momentum around. they are not trying to lower expectations because they need to be reassuring supporters. is that wise to set up the debate that way? >> no. if i were there, i would say we need a three-debate strategy and we're going to begin to lay the groundwork and you'll see us move rather than lay it on the line here. in order to do that, i think they they not only need romney to have a great debate, but president obama needs to make a mistake. you can be sure he's going to be guarding himself against. the biggest danger for obama is th
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further in your career than you ever thought possible. let's get started at >>> of course dave doesn't hate romney. but the romney campaign is making a huge mistake with dave, who had this to say about mitch romney on friday night. >> the current president, president obama was on the show last week. the challenger, mitch romney has not been on the show. we have asked him to be on the show. we have any night, any time, short notice, whenever he wants, he can be on the show. he's got 39 days. i don't want to persuade anybody unnecessarily, but if he's not here in 39 days, don't vote for him. >> coming up, one of paul ryan's jobs is to help people forget about mitch romney's 47% comment but ryan stumbled and brought it up yesterday on fox news. he really did. >>> in the rewrite tonight, now everyone knows what they should have known when he should have announced his political candidacy. arnold schwarzenegger is a clown and a liar. and arnold finally agrees with me that he is stupid. a word he just used to describe himself tonight on hannity. the stupid liar, arnold schwarzenegger
. and-mitt romney. >> maria jose? among hundreds of students are hoping for the few tickets to get inside. >> i thought that it was cold that it was coming to the university. i thought that it was--cool. to learn more about the political process. >> something that i would say to my children. that i was in attendance. i was here. >> only a small fraction of the seats will be taken by student body. they do not know how many people are going to be actually in here. voters will be making up their minds. >> this is on domestic issues and i think that mitt romney has a firmer stance than foreign policy. he has something to gain if he does a good job. >> acoustics, light, sound. as denver adds a new chapter to political history. and of course kron 4 will of the entire debate go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.and uninterruppted speech... and digital 4.2 still coming up, the d.c. sniper attack it has been 10 years. we will hear from him >> welcome back. it these deadly sniper attacks were in washington d.c. 10 years ago. ed payne is more. >
to first woman ever to moderate a presidential debate. her thoughts on president obama and mitt romney's big showdown tomorrow night, denver, colorado, carole simpson, such a pleasure, such an honor. she'll join me live next. >>> well, we went deep into the vault for this one here at cnn. the date was october 15th, 1992, presidential debate nearly 20 years ago, to the day. remember this? >> the candidates are the republican nominee president george bush, the independent russ perot, and governor bill clinton, the democratic nominee. my name is carole simpson. and i will be the moderator for tonight's 90-minute debate. >> 90-minute debate, she says. that is carole simpson then. and here is carole simpson today. once again, the lady in red. carole simpson, amazing seeing you here, 20 years later, welcome. you know, all kinds of history made that night. you and i were talking on the commercial break, people recognizing you all around the world in the 20 years since. and it was unique about that night, the three debaters, not the usual two, you had, my goodness, questions from the audience,
of the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by republican today's thought from republican swine if you don't like elitists draft dodgers and flip floppers but won't vote for mitt romney you are a republican swine. >> stephanie: wow. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jen psaki, obama for america traveling press secretary joining us. >> she is in nevada right now with the president. she has some inside dirt. >> stephanie: yeah. also charlie pierce, very, very exciting. and also i'm doing the most exciting thing i think ever in my life. >> what is that? >> stephanie: i can't say. i can talk about it tomorrow though. [ applause ] >> stephanie: we have lots to get to on the big show. including -- i think she is here. jingle her in. birthday girl. ♪ i think she [ inaudible ] the only who didn't fail and got it right was jacki schechner ♪ ♪ so happy together ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, birthday girl. >> good morning. you know what the morning crew got me for my birthday? >> what? >> bigger thighs. they got me pastries and much fins -- >
that matter. >> what it does is give mitt romney to really crystallize the contract. the debate moments, those moments are important because they codify. remember '94 people thought he's too old, he's not going to make it and the second one he came back and saying he's not going to use my opponent's youth and inexperience against him. everybody laughed. >> this is a big thing for romney, right? romney needs zingers maybe at his own expense, right? >> he's going to toss one at himself? >> he's going to humanize ims himself. and being receive dep ro kating is better than having some canned overrehearsed line about president boem. >> that can be about policy too. i found when i was running it's when i said something people disagreed with me on they started to believe the other things i was saying. >> that's always been a problem for romney. >> and i think there is that question about, you know, whether it's a matter of trying to lock up his base appealing to independents and i think he's been stuck between the two showing a moment where he's willing to say something that some people disagree with
days. thank you chuck todd and howard fineman. >>> republicans in pennsylvania thought their new voter photo i.d. law would give the election to mitt romney are a at least give them pennsylvania. as one republican said, democrats would be too lazy to get a new i.d. card. he's a neat guy. today a state judge delayed implementation of the law until after the election. what a big victory for honesty and i think justice. i guess republicans are going to have to try to win pennsylvania the hard way, by getting the most votes. >>> also, a lot of dnts think or hope that scott brown came on too strong in his debate last night with elizabeth warren. we'll go to the videotape and look very closely. >>> look who has another etch-a-sketch moment. mitt romney now says he won't revoke obama's two-year visas for qualified young illegal immigrants. well, maybe he's seen the polling on latinos lately which are devastating. >>> let me finish with a behind the scenes look at what really happened at the great kennedy/nixon debates. you will love these stories i have dug up. this is "hardball," the place f
's the beef, and -- i >> bobi >> dana: i thought wendy's did that. >> bob: they did but i stole it. if you get someone to deliver it, i'm not sure romney could driver it. if they try that strategy hit it out of the ballpark. >> greg: the zingers is the cake. i love those. >> andrea: he doesn't want to approach podium. remember rick lazio did that. >> bob: two do you think is going to be seen as winner of the debate? >> dana: wait and see. andrea will be in denver. >> bob: that was superfluou superfluous. >> dana: in the morning, republicans say romney did well and democrats say obama did well. >> bob: exception of the kennedy-nixon debate in 1960, a little of the nixon-reagan carter debate in 1980, if debates have not changed the line of election. right now the person ahead at this stage goes on to win every election in 50 years. i don't know -- >> andrea: this one could because it's so close and it's on the economy. we have yet to hear real answers from the president. >> bob: or heard anything from romney. that is the point. romney has to answer questions. >> andrea: good. looking forward to
: they don't. president obama does not. >> eric: i wish it was incatch tense but i have another thought -- incompetence but i have another thought. it's the message because they want to confuse the american people. >> bob: this is typical romney conspiracy theory you put out. put it out for his campaign. >> dana: fantasy land we could put the shoe on the other foot. that's not what you said, you would not say that if it happened in the other administration. >> greg: romney is mean to the garbage man. that's more devastating. >> dana: we'll get to that. but remember this classic moment from the 1984 presidential debate between ronald reagan and walter mondale? >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] >> dana: bob beckel was running mondale's campaign at the time. what did he think when he heard that line? he's going to tell us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: love that tom petty. so, it only took three weeks for administration to agree the libya attack was not spontaneous. you got to won
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their own to keep the spigot spigotting. nothing changes. and if mitt romney were to win, republicans are planning more military and the like spending, how do we disavow each side of its knee-jerk inclination to spend to industry's favored to its party. >> i thought hope that debate will produce more honest dialogue. and then right after the election, whoever is elected, we face the fiscal cliff in january, and almost all economists left or right or center, say that it would cause a high-risk of another recession. so what i would like to see instead of a fiscal cliff that we face, instead of kicking that can down the road 6 months, let's change cans, use simpson-bowles or a combination, and substitute is say you have 6 months overturn it you may not like it, but this is better than what we face right now, why not substitute a logical and sane default position for what we have facing us now. neil: senator bennett, what in your gut, do you think they will do? regardless who wins, prevailing wisdom they either delay the cuts, try to screw around with sequestration, a glorified way of kic
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 60 (some duplicates have been removed)